A few small updates…

So a few minor updates since the last time I posted.. which was a while ago – (Also this post is back dated so that some other things make sense later on).

  1. I went and got my PPL – Mostly so I could do some more advanced flying.
  2. I got my Night rating – Causing flying at night seemed something something I might want to do.
  3. I joined a Syndicate that owns two planes – Brisbane Flying Group.
  4. I took on the role of Director of Maintainence for said Syndicate.
  5. I took FireFly and Munchkin flying again.
  6. I was somehow was PathFinder Aviation‘s GA Student of the Year for 2021
  7. Other random flights of fun, including flying to Sunshine Coast just to get ice-cream.
  8. I took over ownership on a Aircraft Booking System that was about to shutdown, and have been slowly adding more features to that.

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